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Segway Smart Motion, the core of every Segway product

Building on the success of its technologically innovative Segway® products, Segway Inc.licenses its Segway Smart Motion™ technology to third-party companies and in some cases co-develops products with other manufacturers using the technology. The first company to utilize Segway Smart Motion technology is WowWee Ltd., parent company of WowWee Robotics.

Segway Smart Motion

“The success of the Segway PT has demonstrated that Segway Smart Motion technology not only provides unparalleled maneuverability and freedom of movement, but is also reliable, safe, and practical,” said Doug Field, Segway Inc.'s vice president of product development. “Our technical team has developed a unique knowledge base that integrates controls engineering, embedded systems, advanced energy systems and sensor technologies. This knowledge can now be quickly applied to entirely new applications and product categories by leveraging Segway Smart Motion technology.”