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Personal Transporters

Extend the capabilities of your employees, please your customers and protect your grounds with the low-impact, high efficiency Segway PT.

Commercial Security

Strengthen your patrol indoors and out with less fatigue and faster response times.

"Being able to respond to a situation quickly can make a big difference in the outcome, whether it's a life saving event, damage to property or theft."



The i2 Commercial Cargo is a maneuverable, gas-free, low maintenance solution for increased productivity.

"The Segway PT saves us time and makes us more productive. We spend less time moving to and from different areas, and more time doing our jobs."


Golf Courses & Resorts

Attract new customers while keeping your grounds pristine with this modern, turf-friendly addition to your course.

"We've always looked for ways to separate ourselves from competition, and this has definitely done that. It is a great marketing tool."



Customize your Segway PT with accessories designed for safety, convenience, comfort, and utility.

Segway PT Support

Check out our FAQ, manuals and guides, and safety studies for a full range of Segway PT information.