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Personal Transporters

Renew your energy for commuting, running errands and exploring the outdoors with the fun, efficient, and economical Segway PT..


Put some "green" into your daily routine with the ease and versatility of the Segway i2 Commuter.

"One of my reasons for purchasing a Segway PT was that my six mile commute is within range, as are many services that I would normally drive to."


See the fairway from a higher perspective with the x2 Golf, the most advanced technology to hit the links.

"I've been golfing all my life. Now, with my x2 Golf, getting from hole to hole is a new adventure!"


Adventure Seekers

Take the road less traveled with the powerful x2 Adventure, designed to be as tough and rugged as the environment you're mastering.

"I love the outdoors and do all I can to enjoy it with my family."